Woouya® is a website devote to design reborn baby dolls. We have deeply cultivated in creating reborn baby dolls last few decades to improve its quality and realism, we have professional painters who paint newborn babies.  Our vision is to help everyone get their own reborn baby dolls at very affordable prices. Take your loved home & Share love with our reborn babies.In order to provide and share our new design to those love reborn baby dolls, we always try our best to create dolls that stimulate your spirit, nourish your soul, warm your heart. We are very honored to know that our dolls bring love to homes around the world.

Our design headquarters is in California, draw upon creative inspiration from families, friendship, love, childhood and arts to make sure all our reborn baby dolls are full of love. Besides, we also corperate with other designers from United State who love reborn dolls. Nancy is one of our famous designer from CA.

Our Slogan: Share Love with Reborn Babies

DORA, our founder, is used to charity events. At one event, she met a little disabled girl. She was quiet and had low self-esteem. With the help of charity workers, a handful of reborn babies were donated to the girl and her friends. When the founder saw the donated girl again, the girl began to perk up and chat with her reborn doll and friends.

Every doll from us looks lifelike and we enjoy how real they feel cradled in our arms, and we believe you will too. Whether you’re looking for a doll as your kid's present, as a portrait doll of a grown child or as a memory reborn, it's all right here, waiting for you to discover.

Now our goal is to design more quality dolls which full of love. We are devoted to make environmentally friendly and lifelike dolls and makes more families and dink families feel warmth & loves.

If you are good at design reborn babay dolls, please contact us at woouya@yeah.net and join our group, let us design more loving and warm reborn dolls together.

Customer Service Email:  woouya@yeah.net

Company: SHARLOMAY LTD Company

Address:Agion Theodoron 6 Agios Athanasios, 4102, Limassol, Cyprus